~ The Original Stripey Sofa Hound ~

~ Today marks one of the most important and happiest days of my life. Today is the anniversary of adopting my first rescue dog, many years ago. Cassie, the original Stripey Sofa Hound. This is what I wrote a year ago, with the addition of another of my favourite photos of Cassie, doing her ‘Woo-woo-woo‘.

Cassie passed away some years ago now, crushing my heart and leaving me wondering how I was going to carry on breathing, but today, I want to remember her with joy. It’s warm and the sun is shining – the only acceptable weather to Cassie – and I think of all the happy times she spent sunbathing.

I remember the moment I saw Cassie for the first time and fell in love. We were walking around the rescue centre and had noted down a few possibilities for our new member of the family, when I realised there was a path down between two rows of kennels. There she was, in all her brindle glory, soaking up the sunshine. We walked her, asked to adopt her, were told she was reserved. I cried. The rescue lady ran to check and came back and told us the reserve had been taken off and she was available. I stopped crying. We reserved her. Back then, the rescue held records on index cards and stapled pieces of paper with reserve details to those cards. I was worried they were going to lose my details and give her to someone else, so I wrote a letter and posted it with a dog treat, just to confirm our commitment to her.

Cassie came home after our home visit. She seemed to settle in immediately, as though we had always been meant to be together. I can remember her trying to steal our dinner that first night. She soon found her place on the sofa, on the bed, in front of the fire. She LOVED to be warm and comfortable. She didn’t like cold or wet. She would do a great pretend wee when the grass was cold and wet at bedtime. That was after I’d managed to get her off the sofa, where she was happily pretending she was asleep and couldn’t hear me.

Cassie was fantastic with dogs, lived so happily with every rescue dog we adopted after her, and she adored people. She loved children, she flirted with the postman (he was rather handsome) and she convinced people who were quite wary of dogs when they arrived that they rather liked being snuggled up to her on the sofa.

My beautiful Cassie soaked up Reiki like a sponge. I’d started on my animal healing journey the year before adopting Cass and we shared Reiki so many times during our years together.

My darling one-eyed girl, my brindle rock, I love and miss you so. You were the best first rescue dog, daughter, sister, best friend I could have asked for. You changed my life. You led the way for all the other rescue dogs who have come into my life since then and will do in the future. After you had left for the Bridge, I wanted to give something back to the rescue who cared for you and let us adopt you, so I went back to volunteering there again, photographing dogs seeking forever homes, something I hope to start again one day. There are always so many Stripey Sofa Hounds in rescue. I wish more people would realise what wonderful snuggly, loving beings they are and welcome them into their hearts and homes.

Cassie, thank you for bringing such love and joy and snoozing into our lives. Thank you for sending me my little brindle pebble. Thank you for everything. We’re going to sit in the sunshine for a while today, in your honour. I love you, always.



My heart still aches.

~ Two years on ~

It’s two years today since my beloved Sno had to leave his beautiful doggie body. I wrote about him here. It’s been an emotional day, because much as his spirit lives on and I am so grateful for all the years we shared and all the wonderful memories, I can no longer reach out and stroke him, kiss the spot on the top of his head, snuggle into his gorgeous fur, or comb him (something he LOVED) and I miss that so very much. I’m sure sadly my animal-loving friends can relate.

Yesterday, my lovely friend Jo (thank you!) sent me an early birthday present in the form of a voucher so I can have my very own ‘Sno bead’, containing some of his fur. I wrote about the beads in my last post. Thankfully I managed to find the fur I had placed in a special box and I am so looking forward to wearing my beautiful bead.






~ Beautiful Memories In Glass ~

~ I first discovered Memories In Glass last year and thought what a beautiful way to help keep memories of our beloved ones with us.

This gorgeous turquoise bead is one of a number of lovely colours available – and the beads come in different sizes/fittings too. You can choose to have a bead as a necklace or bracelet, on a chain or as a bookmark, or you could buy a beautiful ring.

Memories In Glass, turquoise, bead, jewellery, rainbow bridge
You can order your own beautiful bead(s) from Memories In Glass and can choose to have the fur/hair of a loved one (animal or human) included, and/or ash, or just have the beautiful bead in memory if you prefer. I love that there are vegan cord options for the bracelet and necklace.

This lovely turquoise colour is my choice, because I think it’s a beautiful colour and because my boy’s collar and harness etc. were in a variety of blue shades.

If you do buy anything, let me know. I’d love to hear what you decide upon!



Memories In Glass, turquoise, bead, jewellery, rainbow bridge, Collie, Rescue Dog, Border Collie

~ The Tapping Solution ~

~ I need some help, so I am tapping in the hope of releasing some stuff, resolving some stuff, improving some stuff, welcoming in some better stuff.

I bought The Tapping Solution some years back and am working through it properly now.

Featured also are my Malachite pieces, including the beautiful heart I found last year. I find Malachite to be a great stone for me for pain relief  .

Tapping with Reiki,


The Tapping Solution, Reiki, Malachite, crystals, EFT, Healing

~ Greatest love

~ Nine years ago today, I first met and held this beautiful girl, who was a pup at the time and who ‘came home’ a week later. She has become one of the greatest loves of my life. My child, my heart and soul mate, my sunshine. I utterly adore her and am eternally grateful we found our way to each other. Although it was our first physical meeting that day, I am sure we already knew each other. The first time I held her, she calmly placed her head against mine and her tail wagged so beautifully. Pure love and joy in both our hearts. We have had conversations that some would say couldn’t have happened, but I *know* we understood each other.

I would urge any lovely people who are thinking of welcoming a dog into their hearts to please adopt. Whether you are looking for a puppy, a young or older adult or a real oldie (I’ve welcomed all of these adoptions over the years), there will be a suitable dog out there if you look, are patient and remain open hearted and open minded about who may turn out to be the right dog for you (and vice versa of course).

When our next rescue dog came along, he was not a cute little puppy, but an old chap who had been left at the vets to be put down – and he was as loved and a part of our family for his time with us as any dog could be.




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