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Super Jasper

I thought I had posted this video on here already but looking back I haven’t. So, for fans of the lovely Jasper, saved by a vet and Oldies Club just before New Year, here’s a little clip of Jasper from a week or so ago. He loves going off lead and having a run around […]

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Pawetry in Motion

Yes, sorry about the title, couldn’t help myself Jasper has been with us almost three months now and is just wonderful. He does love to have a good run around the fields and his recall is really great, especially considering he didn’t really have one when he arrived! I really like this recent photo of […]

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Labradors, cream teas and butterflies … greetings cards for a good cause …

I am auctioning a few of my Hidden Cottage greetings cards to raise some funds for Oldies Club, a UK dog rescue charity which is run solely by volunteers and which rescues and rehomes older dogs. I am a fundraiser for the charity and also proud mum to Jasper, a dog whose life was saved […]

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Sign of a good walk?

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Window to the Canine Soul

Though behaviorists and cognitive scientists might insist otherwise, what we see in our dog’s eyes is more than just animal instinct or the trained behaviors of dumb beasts. Looking back at us, we see intelligence, humor, joy, disappointment, fear, anger, lust, anticipation, relief, curiosity, delight, boredom, resignation, amazement, sorrow, sympathy, and—undeniably—love. If we honor the […]

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