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Moments to treasure

Last night I caught Mr Moo counter surfing. Not something to generally be encouraged in a dog, I know, but when your dog is a month away from reaching 13 and a half and you didn’t think you’d hear their front paws hit the kitchen worktop ever again, it becomes a moment to celebrate, a […]

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Me and Mr Moo

As some of you know, we found a very worrying lump on our precious black Lab boy recently and due to the position of the lump + his age + other health worries, we made the decision, in discussion with the vet, that it wouldn’t be in Mr Moo’s interest to operate. We were back […]

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When the going gets tough …

Hug a Labrador. I can’t say it’s been the happiest week of my life (see previous post about our darling Mr Moo) but still, my wonderful dogs bring such joy into my life. I’m remaining positive, between the tears, for my gorgeous boy. Hugs with this lovely girl, who is beautiful both inside and out, […]

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My darling Mr Moo …

… could do with your healing thoughts, so if you read this, would you please send some his way? He is 13 years old – though still manages to be a cheeky chap at times – and after 12+ years with outstanding physical health, he has succumbed to a few worrying health issues in the […]

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Birthday Cocktails? It’d be rude not to …

Today is my Birthday. I started off the day with a strawberry smoothie, made by my wonderful husband and served in this beautiful chalice from a local pottery. I shall finish the day with a more alcoholic version, in the form of a strawberry daiquiri! Anyone who knew me at University all those years ago, will […]

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