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A few days ago, I saw a link on twitter about a fantastic Christmas Blogger Challenge from GJW Titmuss, which is very kindly giving away a pet stocking filled with pet friendly gifts from its website, up to a value of £200, to one lucky person!

I saw that rather than taking the goods selected for their stocking, the winner could request a £200 GJW Titmuss voucher. My immediate thought was that I could use it to buy food for my dogs – I place regular orders for food with GJW Titmuss (in fact you can see the latest delivery in the photo below) and the voucher would be very handy. Then I had a chat with my dogs, who asked Where’s the fun in that, Mum? We want toys and treats!

We have had a very sad few months, since our beloved Mr Moo passed away and it will be the third year running where we have been without another precious rescue dog, having said goodbye to Cassie and Jasper in previous years. I want this Christmas to be full of fun for our remaining three rescue dogs and with that, I hand you over to my dear Minnie-Moo, who will tell you what our dogs would love in their Christmas stocking, should they be lucky enough to win:)


Hello, I’m Minnie-Moo, a rescue Labrador who sometimes has to pose for silly photos like this one. Don’t worry, my Mummy is very lovely to me. I have been posing for her since I was very young and I am always well rewarded with treats.

Minnie, Labrador, Antlers, Christmas, rescue dog, GJW Titmuss

We have had a good look through the GJW Titmuss website to see what we would love to have in our pet stocking and have put together a list of goodies, as shown in the photo below:)

We have chosen:

A large cuddly Winston Walrus – this is for my little rescue sis, Daisy, who sometimes looks a bit like a very cute seal and who loves to snuggle. She used to cuddle up with Mr Moo a lot, but now she mostly has to make do with Mummy and Daddy. We think she would really like Winston.

A Clix Agility Jump – Mum did buy us one before, but then she ran over part of it with the lawn mower. We think Daisy would like this as she loves jumping onto and over things and she didn’t get to try the last one before Mum broke it.

An Air Kong Spinner, medium; An Air Kong Stick with rope, large; and at the bottom, an Air Kong Bowling Pin, medium. We love Air Kong toys, but we haven’t tried the Spinner or Bowling Pin yet. We did have a new Air Kong Stick to play with, but then Mum gave it away in a prize she made up for Oldies Club, a charity she fundraises for, before we got to play with it, so we’d love a replacement!

A Luxury Sherpa Throw – this looks lovely and cosy, so we thought we could put this on Mum & Dad’s bed and then, when we get up for snuggles, we’ll all be cosy:)

A pink Kong Snugga Wubba, large – Daisy likes flinging these around the house and seeing who she can hit and I would rather like one of my own.

A Timberwolf Cushion (90cm) – Mum helped me a bit with this one as I needed to use a tape measure. We would love this for the dog bed in the kitchen as it would mean we had a nice snuggly cushion to lie on while we watch Dad cook yummy food. At the moment we have to lie on hard plastic. OK, that’s a little fib, but still, we think this cushion would be extra snuggly!

A red Classic Kong, large – this would mean Daisy had one just like mine, to be stuffed with yummy things when Mum & Dad go out.

Fish4Dogs treats – we really love these and have some as our bedtime snack, so some more packets of these would be really appreciated. We chose two packets of the Fish Twists and one packet each of Fish Bones, Tiddlers and Sea Biscuit Tiddlers to fit within the budget.

We calculated that this all comes to: £133.15, which is much less than £200 because we have something very special in mind for the rest of the money, should we be fortunate enough to win …

… We have also selected …

… An Ancol Fleece red/black, large.

An Envy Henna Collar, in green (350-500mm).

A Luxury Sherpa Throw.

A Marrow Bone, extra large.

Fish4Dogs treats – a packet of Sea Jerky Fish Twists, plus two packets of Sea Jerky Tiddlers.

Mum worked out that these extra bits add up to £66.59, taking our grand total to £199.74!

We have chosen these additional items as we would love to give them as a fantastic Christmas present for dear Upton, an older Staffie cross boy, who has been waiting in rescue for his forever home, for many years (about eight, Mum thinks).

Mum has met him several times at Bath Cats & Dogs Home and photographed him for her blog, when she’s volunteered at the Home, and she knows he loves to snuggle up in his bed in his kennel, so we think the Sherpa throw would be appreciated. The fleece jumper would help keep him warm through the Winter months and he would look very smart in the green collar. We hope the marrow bone would help occupy him in his kennel and we are sure that he would appreciate the fish treats – maybe he would even share a few with some of the other long stayers at the rescue?

Mum says the rescue does a wonderful job of caring for the animals, and while we would all love to see them all in a home of their very own, we hope that should we win, these goodies would help Upton to enjoy some more home comforts:)

Please wish us good luck!

Upton, Christmas, Bath Cats & Dogs Home, rescue dog, GJW Titmuss



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Kirsty Long - December 20, 2012 - 8:05 pm

What a fab blog! You should win hands down!!! That list looks good me, and very well thought out – who knew Minnie was so good at typing ;)

Olive Armstrong - December 20, 2012 - 8:35 pm

Good luck Ange – fab blog hope you win xx

Pauline Rigby - December 20, 2012 - 10:47 pm

Good luck Minnie and Daisy! Hope your Mum wins the prizes for Upton and yourselves :-) x x x

poochiefreak - December 21, 2012 - 1:38 am

Thank you all :-)

Angela & Minnie-Moo

Liz Clarke - December 23, 2012 - 8:38 am

Great blog. Love it! Hope it wins you a prize as I know you will be donating it to rescue dogs if so. Good luck!

poochiefreak - January 2, 2013 - 2:06 pm

Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but my dogs had a lovely Christmas anyway and we will be sorting out a little present for Upton ourselves. Thank you for your good wishes x

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