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Vote for Oldies Club dog rescue to win up to £5,000!

I am, as some of you are already aware, involved with a wonderful dog rescue charity here in the UK, called Oldies Club, which rescues and rehomes dogs aged 7+ (though the average age is probably nearer 12, these days). Oldies Club is delighted to have been selected as one of four registered charities in […]

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Vote for Oldies Club ~ VetUK

Oldies Club, a wonderful UK charity which rescues and rehomes older dogs, has been included in a facebook vote being run this month by VetUK, to win £300 worth of products! If you are a facebook user, would you please consider taking a few seconds to vote for Oldies Club? You just need to click […]

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Love an Oldie Day!

Today, while people give cards and presents, Oldies Club has decided to celebrate Love An Oldie Day If you can spare a little donation towards the care of the charity’s foster dogs dogs, it would be much appreciated. Please click on the link above to donate. When you donate, you can choose to add a […]

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There must be sunlight also …

The three weeks since losing Jasper have been full of sorrow. This weekend was a real low point for me. While the sun beamed outside, I sought comfort in the darkness. Today I started to feel the sunlight once more. I know there will be plenty more tears to come, but the sun shines too. […]

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You May be Wondering …?

You may have read my tribute for our darling Jasper and wondered why people adopt older dogs? Why put yourself through taking on a dog who may only have a few years of life left when you can go and buy a puppy? What is there to gain from having a dog in your life […]

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