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~ Moving to the beet ~ Reiki

~ Everything I need to heal is within me ~ This thought came to mind last night and I realised it can be taken two ways. I like that. I’ve put myself into a healing/wellness ‘bubble’ and, as part of that, I’ve started juicing again in recent weeks. I was never a fan of beetroot […]

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Chocolate Box Sniffer

Well Friday was day two of our seven days of raw vegan juicing. I am really glad we have decided to do it, but I can’t deny it’s tough at times. I absolutely ADORE dark chocolate and I buy lovely stuff, such as raw vegan chocolate. I would so love to sit down with a […]

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Our new tool.

Happy New Year. My husband bought this new tool, to help us improve our lives! Stop sniggering at the back there. We have, of course, acquired … a juicer. We have started a week of juicing, to help boost our health as we kick off a new year. Raw, vegan juice. LOTS of fruit and […]

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