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Such a privilege … in celebration of oldies

As I sat and snuggled earlier with Jasper, our new old dog, who had climbed onto one of the armchairs for a sleep, I thought what a privilege it is to bring an older animal into our homes, lives and hearts. Oldies are just such special creatures. Jasper has been with us almost a month […]

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Three weeks on

Just over three weeks since Jasper came to stay … and stayed. He is very settled, it’s been so lovely to see him relax and settle in and he is such a sweet boy. He loves his snuggles and he gets excited when it is time for a walk and jumps up a little. Though […]

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Such a honey …

Humour me, yes, more photos of Jasper. Well he is so gorgeous and quite happy to have his photo taken so I’m making sure I don’t miss too many opportunities He’s rather handsome isn’t he? Gotta love that white paw Gorgeous is … Share this:Share

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In front of the fire

I light the stove in the sitting room each evening at this time of year. Aside from the heat it gives out, I love to see the light of the flames once the sun has gone for the day. The dogs love to lie in front of the fire – with their thick coats they […]

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Remembering Sweetie

Today I have been remembering Sweetie, the first dog we adopted as an “oldie” and the inspiration behind me deciding to get involved with Oldies Club. Sweetie was straying before she was picked up and held in a stray kennels for a few weeks, so she was adopted without history. We think she was around […]

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